Why Blossom?

I wanted to choose something that had a deeper meaning in my life. Surely Blossom was perfect, not only is it adorable because I love flowers but this word has been a prime factor of who I am today. I believe everyone can blossom into whomever and whatever they want to be! In my case, when I was younger I had always been super shy, unsure of how to express my emotions, and afraid to go out of my comfort zone. Although my younger self still envisioned many goals and dreams for my future. In order to do so, I slowly stepped out my shell and was okay with experiencing the discomfort of trying new things and more importantly believed in growth within myself. Art has been a huge outlet to help express myself and blossom into whom most of my family, friends, & strangers now know me as: the outgoing, fashionista, & ambitious Bella. I slowly started to blossom into the person my younger self always dreamed of becoming with much room to bloom even more. 💐